Deciding between different materials for your sporting club trophies

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Sporting club trophies come in a range of materials that suit different budgets and aesthetic preferences. If you are in the market for sporting trophies, keep reading to learn more about the different materials you can choose from for your trophies. Plastic Plastic is extremely easy to shape into whichever shapes you’d like for a reasonable cost. Plastic can also come in any colour shade, in any variation of transparent or opaque. The quality of plastic injections has improved over time so it is now possible to get a high quality finish to mimic most other materials. Plastic still tends to be the cheapest material to use in trophies, but some users do feel the light weight of plastic trophies does suggest a lower quality. This can be an advantage for very large trophies or transportation. Glass Glass creates a sleek and modern feel for trophies. In addition to normal opaque trophies, glass can be formed into trophies with transparent and semitransparent sections, as well as into rustic or sharp-edged shapes. It tends to be a pricier option but can be a great option for a more cutting-edge trophy. It is the least durable of the materials, but in most case glasses trophies are made of safety glass so they will not shatter in a dangerous way if dropped, making them a safe option for display. Wood Polished wood gives a natural and warm feeling. Using natural hard woods can be an expensive option but also a great way to recognise the natural Australian environment if you are getting trophies made for a competition with international competitors. Wood is often used in composite trophies with other materials, to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Metal Metal is the traditional material used in trophies. Given the high weight of trophies, even precious metal trophies are usually plated in precious metals rather than being made of the precious metal. Trophies range from light-weight options such as aluminium to heavy weight options such as stainless steel or bronze. Metals are easy to work into intricate shapes; however, the price of each trophy tends to be proportional to the intricacy of the design (as well as the number of trophies being ordered). There are many materials options available for sporting trophies depending on your budget. If you are looking to work out the best materials for your trophies, contact a sporting trophy manufacturer to discuss the best options for your sporting club or...

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Benefits of Laser Cutting

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If you have a project that involves using a piece of metal that is cut in a specific manner, there are a few options available. You can try using hand tools or machines to cut the piece yourself. Or you can take the design to one of the local laser cutting services, and have it perfectly cut for you. Laser cutting involves using a high-powered laser to make the cuts, along with compressed gas such as nitrogen or oxygen, and this process can be used on most types of metal. The laser beam is tightly focused, and perfect cuts are made. There are several benefits to taking advantage of laser cutting services, including: Clean Edges When you cut metal with traditional tools, you are going to end up with rough edges. So, you end up having to take extra time-consuming steps to file away the roughness. You need to have smooth edges in order to make pieces fit properly and to keep from cutting yourself. Laser cutting guarantees that all edges are smooth, so you don’t have to worry about any filing. Detailed Cutting When you need extremely detailed cutting, it can be difficult with traditional cutting tools, unless you are an expert who has been doing this for many years. When you let a laser cutting service do the work, they can get into all of those little tiny spaces and make sure that even the smallest of details is cut into the piece. All cuts are extremely precise and accurate because all measurements are done digitally. Even tiny holes can be cut into the metal with extreme detail. Repeat, Fast Cutting It may be that you need to have more than one piece cut. If you need several of the same piece, it could take several days for you to produce them all on your own. Because laser cutting involves the use of computers, the design is automatically there to be repeated over and over again in just a few minutes. Even if you need hundreds of the same cut piece, they can be ready for you in a few hours. No Machining Damage When you have parts cut with the traditional machining process, there is often going to be damage to the parts caused by the machining. There won’t be any burns or damage to delicate parts when it comes to laser cutting because there are no tools actually coming into contact with the metal being...

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Why Use Flags for Your Business Advertising?

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Businesses today often need all the advantages they can get when it comes to advertising, as they are typically competing with similar businesses who may be located very close, even right across the street or in the same strip mall. A retail store or restaurant may also need to draw in as much foot traffic as possible, but their business may fade into the background for those who are driving by. To give your business an edge, consider using flags as part of your advertising. Note a few advantages each type of flag can offer and how to use them effectively. 1. Traditional flags Traditional flags on tall poles offer visibility to people in traffic, who might otherwise overlook your business. People are often looking at other cars when they’re on the road and may not be able to see your business if its entrance is being blocked by a line of cars. By using a traditional flag on a tall pole, your business can be spotted from a distance. It can also offer a distinct look that you can use when giving people directions, such as on your website. You might tell customers, “Look for the red flags out front.” They will be less likely to miss your business and in turn, you will miss fewer customers. 2. Flutter flags Flutter flags are those that are about the same height as a person and which you place outside your business. These are usually called teardrop or feather flags, depending on their shape. These can attract  customers to your business because of how they flutter in the wind; the movement can easily catch the eyes of passersby. This is even more effective if you use more than one flutter flag outside your business, as you then create more movement. If they’re brightly colored, this too can attract customers to your store. They’re a good choice for businesses that may not be allowed to hang additional signage on their building, or use neon for their signs, or who are otherwise restricted as to the type of permanent signs they can use on a building. If you’re not sure about the effectiveness of flutter flags, stand across the street from your business and note how well it stands out. You may have a sign with your name over the entrance, but does this really catch the eyes of those in traffic or who may be walking by? Adding flutter flags can mean drawing eyes to your business while allowing you to advertise sales, specials, certain products, or just the business name itself. If you would like to add flags to your place of business, then contact a flag manufacturer, such as Carroll &...

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4 Reasons Why a Sports Club Should Choose DIY Goal Posts

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Being part of a sports club is all about teamwork and building team relationships. Many sports clubs have their own grounds or practice areas that feature sets of goal posts. From time to time, the goal posts need to be replaced. Instead of hiring out a professional contractor, the club should consider installing the posts themselves. Here are some reasons why. Build Team Relations When you purchase a kit with goal posts, you have the opportunity to turn the installation of the posts into an event. Perhaps you could arrange a weekend day event, with the main feature being the team all helping to install the posts. Many people are surprised at just how simple it is to install the posts as a DIY project. This means that all members of the team can get involved at some level of the installation. Making an event of it allows the club to bond as a team and gives a chance to organise and host an event; some fundraising or sponsorship activities can also be included during the event. Lower Costs When you install the posts as a DIY project you can considerably reduce costs, in particular laboring fees. It can take a little manual work to dig the posts and set them up and this can be costly when done by a professional contractor. However, if this effort is spread among many members of the same team in a club, these costs can be saved. Set Your Own Schedule This is important from the club’s perspective. Choosing to install the club’s posts as a DIY project gives the club the power to install the posts exactly when they choose. They don’t need to arrange and wait for an appointment in accordance with a company’s schedule; the posts can be installed when the club desires. Also, if the club plans to arrange an event to install the posts together, a suitable date can be arranged to ensure that everybody can attend. The Kits are Easy to Use Another reason to choose the DIY goal post option is the kits themselves. They are simple to use and are surprisingly lightweight and durable. The kits have easy-to-follow instructions, and come with everything needed to install the posts. It only takes a short time with a few people helping to properly and professionally install the goal posts. Compared to the cost of using a professional company top install them, the posts that come as a DIY installation kit are fairly priced. Holding a goal post installation event gives the club more exposure, as a local news reporter can be invited along to cover the event. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Adda Flagpoles Pty...

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Benefits of a Steel Fabricated Home

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Traditionally, most homes are built with a solid wood framing, but increasingly, contractors are offering home buyers the choice of using steel as the main framing for a newly-built home. Steel fabricated houses can offer you the benefits of increased durability and longevity, a stronger foundation for your home, higher level of fire-resistance and increased protection against harsh weather and earthquakes. Strength — Steel has a higher stress point, also known as tensile strength, than wood, which means that it can withstand a greater amount of force before it fails than wood. In addition to being strong, steel also has a high strength to weight ratio, which measures the weight of a material relative to how much of a load it can bear. Steel also has a high level of ductility, which measures how much a material can stretch before it falls apart. Steel has an elastic quality that allows it to bend and distort without snapping or breaking into pieces. This type of strength can be especially important during a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Fire Protection — Your steel-fabricated home offers outstanding protection against fire because steel doesn’t burn. And while steel does melt, it takes an incredibly high level of heat to melt steel. This means that a steel-fabricated house is less likely to experience a catastrophic fire loss, because the rate at which the house burns is reduced by the fact that the steel framing does not contribute to accelerating the fire. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for steel-fabricated homes due to this increased protection against fire, one of the most common types of homeowner insurance claims. Resistant To Moisture and Termites — Unlike wood framed houses, steel-fabricated houses aren’t susceptible to termites and other wood-invading insects that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Wood also attracts and retains moisture, whereas steel is moisture-resistant, and is often galvanized, which is a high-heat process that helps prevent corrosion and rust. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t warp, fade, yellow, rot or chip away. Energy Efficient Steel-fabricated homes are more energy-efficient than wood-framed homes due to the reflective quality of steel. In addition, many steel-fabricated homes feature foil insulation, which helps to absorb more heat and keep your house cooler during the summer. By reflecting heat, steel can reduce the interior temperature and make you less reliant on air-conditioning, which can result in savings on your utility bill. For more information, contact a business such as Bronson Sheetmetal Fabrications Pty...

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