Benefits of a Steel Fabricated Home

Traditionally, most homes are built with a solid wood framing, but increasingly, contractors are offering home buyers the choice of using steel as the main framing for a newly-built home. Steel fabricated houses can offer you the benefits of increased durability and longevity, a stronger foundation for your home, higher level of fire-resistance and increased protection against harsh weather and earthquakes.

Strength -- Steel has a higher stress point, also known as tensile strength, than wood, which means that it can withstand a greater amount of force before it fails than wood. In addition to being strong, steel also has a high strength to weight ratio, which measures the weight of a material relative to how much of a load it can bear. Steel also has a high level of ductility, which measures how much a material can stretch before it falls apart. Steel has an elastic quality that allows it to bend and distort without snapping or breaking into pieces. This type of strength can be especially important during a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Fire Protection -- Your steel-fabricated home offers outstanding protection against fire because steel doesn't burn. And while steel does melt, it takes an incredibly high level of heat to melt steel. This means that a steel-fabricated house is less likely to experience a catastrophic fire loss, because the rate at which the house burns is reduced by the fact that the steel framing does not contribute to accelerating the fire. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for steel-fabricated homes due to this increased protection against fire, one of the most common types of homeowner insurance claims.

Resistant To Moisture and Termites -- Unlike wood framed houses, steel-fabricated houses aren't susceptible to termites and other wood-invading insects that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Wood also attracts and retains moisture, whereas steel is moisture-resistant, and is often galvanized, which is a high-heat process that helps prevent corrosion and rust. Unlike wood, steel doesn't warp, fade, yellow, rot or chip away.

Energy Efficient

Steel-fabricated homes are more energy-efficient than wood-framed homes due to the reflective quality of steel. In addition, many steel-fabricated homes feature foil insulation, which helps to absorb more heat and keep your house cooler during the summer. By reflecting heat, steel can reduce the interior temperature and make you less reliant on air-conditioning, which can result in savings on your utility bill. For more information, contact a business such as Bronson Sheetmetal Fabrications Pty Ltd.