Why Use Flags for Your Business Advertising?

Businesses today often need all the advantages they can get when it comes to advertising, as they are typically competing with similar businesses who may be located very close, even right across the street or in the same strip mall. A retail store or restaurant may also need to draw in as much foot traffic as possible, but their business may fade into the background for those who are driving by. To give your business an edge, consider using flags as part of your advertising. Note a few advantages each type of flag can offer and how to use them effectively.

1. Traditional flags

Traditional flags on tall poles offer visibility to people in traffic, who might otherwise overlook your business. People are often looking at other cars when they're on the road and may not be able to see your business if its entrance is being blocked by a line of cars. By using a traditional flag on a tall pole, your business can be spotted from a distance. It can also offer a distinct look that you can use when giving people directions, such as on your website. You might tell customers, "Look for the red flags out front." They will be less likely to miss your business and in turn, you will miss fewer customers.

2. Flutter flags

Flutter flags are those that are about the same height as a person and which you place outside your business. These are usually called teardrop or feather flags, depending on their shape. These can attract  customers to your business because of how they flutter in the wind; the movement can easily catch the eyes of passersby. This is even more effective if you use more than one flutter flag outside your business, as you then create more movement. If they're brightly colored, this too can attract customers to your store. They're a good choice for businesses that may not be allowed to hang additional signage on their building, or use neon for their signs, or who are otherwise restricted as to the type of permanent signs they can use on a building.

If you're not sure about the effectiveness of flutter flags, stand across the street from your business and note how well it stands out. You may have a sign with your name over the entrance, but does this really catch the eyes of those in traffic or who may be walking by? Adding flutter flags can mean drawing eyes to your business while allowing you to advertise sales, specials, certain products, or just the business name itself. If you would like to add flags to your place of business, then contact a flag manufacturer, such as Carroll & Richardson.