How CNC Laser Cutters Can Expedite Order Completion

Would you like a batch of fabricated products to be made and delivered quickly? Pick a fabricator with a CNC laser cutter. This article discusses how the automated systems of that machine can enable your order to be completed quickly without affecting product quality.

Lens and Torch Changer

CNC laser cutters have an automated mechanism that changes the cutting torch in order to deliver optimum cutting results. For instance, a thick material may take a lot of time to be cut using a cutting torch with moderate power. However, that same product can be cut faster if a torch with higher power is used. Inbuilt mechanisms pick the best cutting torch for a given job. Consequently, your order will be processed faster due to the ability of the machine to select the best lens and torch for the job.

Nozzle Changer

Laser cutting requires an assist gas to blow away the residues from the cutting process. The assist gas also helps to accelerate combustion so that the laser beam cuts more effectively. CNC laser cutters usually have several nozzles through which the assist gas is delivered. Those nozzles have different diameters. The automatic set up system selects the nozzle with the appropriate diameter so that the right quantity of assist gas is delivered in order to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Focal Distance Adjustment

Less automated cutting systems depend on the skill of an operator to adjust all cutting parameters, such as the focal length of the laser beam. This process can be tedious and time-consuming. CNC laser cutters do not require so much time to set up. The automated system can quickly determine the right focal length for a given cutting job. All that the operator has to do is select from a series of settings saved in the computer controlling the cutting operation. In this way, your order can be completed quickly without sacrificing quality. 

Profile Adjustment

CNC laser cutters also adjust the distance between the work piece and the nozzle of the assist gas. This automatic adjustment enables the machine to cut the material without any defects developing due to variations in the intensity of the cutting power or assist gas.

As you can see, CNC laser cutters have the ability to complete large orders in a short time. This is largely due to the attention paid to automating the optimization of each cutting parameter so that no time is lost during the process of setting up the equipment manually.