Product Packaging: Reducing the Cost of Your Plastic Containers

There are multiple benefits of choosing robust and resilient plastic packaging for your products. In general, the primary advantage is that the containers will protect the goods against mechanical damage during transit and on the shelves. The packaging will also shield the products from degradation due to exposure to extreme temperature, UV light and general environmental changes. Also, plastic product containers are useful for brand recognition, attraction and facilitating purchase decisions. On the other hand, packaging can be an expensive investment, especially for a growing company. If this has been your concern, here are some guidelines on reducing your packaging expenses:

Redesign Your Containers

Your company can save money by taking time to design an optimised container for a new product. In the same way, you can reduce your expenses by upgrading your packaging for old products. Over the last few years, the sector of plastic manufacturing has advanced significantly. Therefore, container designs and ideas which were not possible in the past can be realised now. You should take advantage of the developments and get cheaper packaging. For example, you can reduce the amount of material used during production by scrapping inefficient features in the container design. The long-term financial benefits will be high. You can also redesign the shape of bottles or jars to promote packing density for less wasted space. 

Identify Unnecessary Costs

There are numerous unnecessary expenses which increase the total costs of your packaging. Therefore, you should review your plastic containers and itemise the features and their costs. Identify the elements which serve functional purposes and those which are purely aesthetic. Then, make sure that you are spending money on unnecessary design elements. For instance, you should determine whether you need double packaging. If you are using a box in addition to the plastic container, you should think about eliminating the carton. Labels can be costly and time-consuming, so you should consider printing information on the container. Also, ensure that the information included is kept minimal and straightforward. 

Rethink Your Fabrication Orders

Finally, you should reconsider the way you make your orders from your plastic container manufacturer. Often, manufacturing companies offer discounts when you make orders in bulk. Therefore, you should inquire about the exact details and make an order that reduces your expenses. You should also note that there are higher charges for containers with stringent specifications on production because more time, effort and equipment will be needed. So, avoid making an order with inflexible instructions on tolerances and finishing requirements.

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