What Advantages Does Powder Coating Offer Industry?

A wide range of industries in the manufacturing sector can make a great deal of use of powder coating compared to traditional finishing methods. According to some recent analysis, the market size of industrial powder coating has grown steadily since 2016, and it looks set to continue that way for the foreseeable future. This will hardly come as a surprise to many industrialists who already know just how beneficial this finishing method can be. Read on to find out why industrial powder coating has now become the norm for many manufacturers.

Less Wastage

If you consider the amount of wastage that occurs with lacquer and painted finishing techniques, powder coating wins almost every time. This is because a skilled operative will be able to direct their nozzle exactly where it is needed and apply the coating evenly in very short bursts. No more than a single coat is needed, which means there is hardly any waste material to deal with at the end of the process. It also makes the business of industrial powder coating at scale a lot less costly than using comparable methods.

Less Curing Time

All finishes need some time to set before they can be handled without ruining them. Even paintwork which is sped up in its drying process in a kiln is not as fast as powder coating, however. Because the electro-statically charged resin particles that go into the raw ingredients of a powder coating cling onto the workpiece once they have been fired out, there is very little time that is needed for curing. Again, this is convenient in a busy factory because processed items can pass on through a production line, and it saves money as well.

Fewer Drips

The finish of a typical powder coating is very even. Because it is sprayed on, it will not run, form streaks or drip, unlike paint. In other words, industrial powder coating provides a much higher quality of finish on all sorts of material, especially stainless steel where brush marks and streaking can be unsightly and obvious to spot.

Environmentally Sound

Unlike some lacquers, there are no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in powder coating processes. Not only is the absence of VOCs better for the workers who will operate close to the production line, but it is also better for the wider environment since they tend to form undesirable smog under exposure to sunlight.

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