3 Benefits of Using Pressure Washing to Remove Graffiti

If you come to work one day and find that a graffiti artist has targeted some of your walls, then you want to get the paint off as quickly as possible. You have various removal solutions to choose from here; however, in some cases, a specialist pressure washer will do the trick.

These machines apply hot water to a painted wall. The water washes off the surface layers of paint and can even abrade off underlying residue.

What are the benefits of using a specialist pressure washer on graffiti?

1. Get a Quicker Clean

Some graffiti removal solutions take time to work. For example, if you use chemical removal agents, you have to apply the solution and wait for it to bond with the paint. You then have to remove the solution.

If it doesn't take all the paint off first go, you might have to start over and apply another coat and go through the process again. This all takes time.

If you use a graffiti pressure washer, then you're good to go as soon as you get the machine set up. The water has an effect as soon as it hits the wall. You could get the paint off a lot more quickly and with less effort.

2. Avoid Using Chemicals

While chemical graffiti removers can be effective, they sometimes contain harmful substances. You'll have to be careful how you use them; they also might not be great for the environment.

Plus, if you accidentally use the wrong product, you could harm your walls. Some chemical removers can cause some damage to some surfaces that you would need to repair later. If you have to pay to repair damage, your graffiti removal becomes a more expensive project.

A pressure washer only uses water. You get a safer and more environmentally friendly clean. You won't have to worry about using chemical products.

3. Get a Controlled Clean

Some basic pressure washers are a bit too intense for some walls. They spray at high pressures all the time. While they might take off paint, they could also affect your walls.

Pressure washers that are designed to clean off graffiti usually come with a range of settings and nozzles. So, you can start off with a gentle spray and build things up slowly as you go. You can choose the right size of nozzle for particular parts of the surface. You stay in control all the way through.

To find out more, contact graffiti removal pressure washer manufacturers.