Top Reasons to Use Wooden Pallets Instead of Plastic Pallets

When ordering pallets to use within your business, you will probably have the option to choose between wooden or plastic pallets. You might be most familiar with wooden pallets, but you could be thinking about ordering and using plastic pallets. After all, for one reason or another, you might think they are the superior choice because they can be easily cleaned and re-used. Although it is true that plastic pallets do have some benefits, you'll probably want to continue or start using wooden pallets instead. These are some of the reasons why.

They Are Generally Cheaper 

The cost of your pallets can impact how profitable your business is. This is especially true if you deal with a lot of loads and therefore need to purchase a lot of pallets for day-to-day use. One of the main things that you might notice if you start looking at plastic pallets is the fact that they are typically a whole lot more expensive than wooden ones. From a cost standpoint alone, it often makes sense to purchase wooden pallets for this reason, especially if you can find a really good and affordable supplier to purchase them from.

There Are More Customisation Options

Although you can place a standard order for wooden pallets, there is also the option to purchase custom wooden pallets built to your specifications. There's a good chance you will find that you have more customisation options when ordering wooden pallets in comparison to plastic pallets, which can be a good thing if you have really specific needs.

They Can Handle a Lot More Weight

One benefit of wooden pallets that you might not be aware of is the fact that they can typically handle a lot more weight than plastic pallets. If you put big loads on your pallets and need to make sure that they can handle all of it, this is something that you should think about. Additionally, if you are going to be putting large items on your pallets, then ones made of wood are going to be your best choice.

They Can Be Broken Down and Used in Different Ways

Not only can wooden pallets be re-used as long as they are in good shape, but they can be taken apart, and the wood can be used for other purposes, too. In fact, there are many crafts and DIY projects that can be done with wooden pallets, either while they are still assembled or after they have been taken apart.