Common Welding Techniques Used By Steel Fabricators

Welding is one of the most frequently used ways of attaching sections of metal together and is a tried-and-tested method for steel fabrication projects of all kinds. Although you might think that steel fabricators always use the same welding techniques in their work, the truth is that most alter their approaches. Essentially, all welding relies upon heat to make two sections of steel come together in a way that creates a hard bond between them. Read More 

Why Your Business Signs Matter

Signs are everywhere, but people rarely notice them. As you walk around your business, you know where you are going. You know which is the director's office, where the boardroom is, and which doors lead to the toilets. If you know where you are headed, you tend not to look at the signs on the doors, but a visitor or a new employee needs those signs. They need to know which doors to open to get where they are going. Read More 

4 Types of Powder Coating: A Guide

Using powdered coatings are widely used in the processing and manufacturing industry in order to apply a finish to metal surfaces. Because a powder coating doesn't contain any organic compounds or solvents, they create a durable finish which is ideal for equipment which will be used in industrial settings. Below is a helpful guide to the different types of powdered coating which are suitable for use during the manufacturing process.  Read More 

Product Packaging: Reducing the Cost of Your Plastic Containers

There are multiple benefits of choosing robust and resilient plastic packaging for your products. In general, the primary advantage is that the containers will protect the goods against mechanical damage during transit and on the shelves. The packaging will also shield the products from degradation due to exposure to extreme temperature, UV light and general environmental changes. Also, plastic product containers are useful for brand recognition, attraction and facilitating purchase decisions. Read More 

Re-using Plastic Caps

Using plastic caps for packaging provides both manufacturers and users numerous benefits. One of the significant benefits of plastic caps is that they can be easily recycled, making them useful even after their primary function of protecting the content of your bottles is over. The following are creative ideas on how you can reuse plastic caps. Toddler Toys You can make small toy bikes and cars for your kids with the plastic caps as wheels and steering wheels. Read More