Two Reasons Why Food Manufacturers Should Use Waste Oil Collection Services

Even if a food manufacturer is not legally required to use waste oil collection services, they should still do so. Here are two reasons why. To prevent fires Many food manufacturing processes require vast quantities of cooking oil. Manufacturers must dispose of batches of this oil after they have used it a few times. If they don't use an oil collection service, they have to put this oil in their refuse bins (as cooking oil cannot be put down drains, due to the possibility that it will clog them). Read More 

Top Reasons to Use Wooden Pallets Instead of Plastic Pallets

When ordering pallets to use within your business, you will probably have the option to choose between wooden or plastic pallets. You might be most familiar with wooden pallets, but you could be thinking about ordering and using plastic pallets. After all, for one reason or another, you might think they are the superior choice because they can be easily cleaned and re-used. Although it is true that plastic pallets do have some benefits, you'll probably want to continue or start using wooden pallets instead. Read More 

3 Benefits of Using Pressure Washing to Remove Graffiti

If you come to work one day and find that a graffiti artist has targeted some of your walls, then you want to get the paint off as quickly as possible. You have various removal solutions to choose from here; however, in some cases, a specialist pressure washer will do the trick. These machines apply hot water to a painted wall. The water washes off the surface layers of paint and can even abrade off underlying residue. Read More