Re-using Plastic Caps

Using plastic caps for packaging provides both manufacturers and users numerous benefits. One of the significant benefits of plastic caps is that they can be easily recycled, making them useful even after their primary function of protecting the content of your bottles is over. The following are creative ideas on how you can reuse plastic caps.

Toddler Toys

You can make small toy bikes and cars for your kids with the plastic caps as wheels and steering wheels. You do not necessarily have to do it yourself as a parent. If your kid is old enough and adventurous, they can make these toys by themselves.

Christmas Tree Decoration

During that time of the year, you can use plastic caps with various colours to decorate the tree – setting the right mood for the festive season. Compared to other types of ornaments used for decoration, plastic caps do not break easily.


Do you want your soap to last longer? Make your own hand-made soap dish using plastic caps. Dish made from plastic caps provides proper drainage, compared to regular soap dish that always keeps your bars of soap wet. Look for a lid and place the plastic caps on top using glue. You can use tiny pieces of graves or rocks to add weight to your homemade soap dish.

Picture Frames

You can add style and colour to your old photos by using plastic caps to make picture frames. You can play around with the caps to create your preferred designs of the frames, using various colours and sizes of the plastic caps.

Sink Stoppers

Look for a flat plastic lid and put several plastic caps on top. You have a sink stopper, ready to be used for your kitchen sink or bathtub.


Plastic caps can save the day when your coffee table or seats suddenly become shaky. You place a plastic cap on the shorter legs to make your table or seat more stable. In addition, the plastic caps can be used when you want to move heavy furniture. Just place the caps under the legs and slide the furniture to the location you want. The plastic caps will also ensure that your wooden floor is protected as you move the furniture.


You can make a homemade storage container for small things such as earrings using plastic caps. However, this would require wide plastic caps, or use plastic lids as an alternative. You can even carry the storage container when you travel.